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Example: Using 'Present as cascading selection lists' with an organization service attribute

When you configure a Provide Information action and add an organization service attribute that supports sub items, you can choose an alternative format in which its organization tree is shown in the Web Portal. This format shows the tree as a cascading list of values that is populated dynamically, based on the end user's selection of a previous value. Cascading selection lists make it easier for end users to select the correct organizational elements. For this purpose, select the option Present as cascading selection lists on the Pages tab of the Provide Information action.


Consider the following scenario:


  • United Kingdom
    • LDN
      • London
        • Floor 1
        • Floor 2
    • MSY
      • Liverpool
        • Floor 1
  • United States
    • NY
      • New York
        • Floor 58
        • Floor 59
    • MA
      • Boston
        • Floor 15
        • Floor 16
  1. You configure a service that contains an organization service attribute with a list of values that starts in Locations AND select the option Include subitems.
  2. In the Workflow of the service, you add the organization service attribute to the Pages tab of a Provide Information action.

In this scenario:

  • If you only select the option Present as cascading selection lists, initially only the "first level" values United Kingdom and United States are shown to the end user.
    • If the end user selects United Kingdom, only the values London and Liverpool are shown.
    • If the end user selects United States, only the values New York and Boston are shown.
  • If you specify a minimum level of 3 in the Min level field, the end user cannot continue unless he selects London, Liverpool, New York or Boston, or any of its sub-items.
  • If you specify a maximum level of 3 in the Max level field, only London, Liverpool, New York are shown to the user; it is not possible to select a floor.
  • If you select Must select leaf, the user needs to select one of the floors in London, Liverpool, New York or Boston before he is allowed to continue.

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