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Scenario 1: Synchronize external data to build the organizational structure

In your organization, organizational information is probably stored at various locations, like Microsoft Active Directory, or in an HR or financial database. The organizational structure in your environment can combine this information. Although you can recreate an organizational structure manually in your environment, it is much more convenient to synchronize this information with its source directly. You can achieve this with a combination of Data Sources and Data Connections:

  • Data Sources.
    A data source specifies the external source of the data that you want to synchronize. This can be Microsoft Active Directory, a CSV file or a database. For example, if the external source is a CSV file with data about employees, a data source specifies this data. You can configure data sources in the Setup and Sync Tool.
  • Data Connections.
    A data connection can synchronize specific data from a Data Source. For example, if this source contains data about employees, you can configure a data connection to synchronize the ID and full name of each employee only.

In this scenario, we will configure the organizational structure of your environment by synchronizing data from two csv files, AdventureWorks Employees.csv and AdventureWorks EmployeeDepartments.csv, which are linked from this topic. These files contain sample data that allows you to build an organizational structure.