Install the Windows Client

You can optionally install the Windows Client on the device of users to notify them about messages in the Web Portal. In addition, the Windows Client delivers password reset functionality for the Windows logon screen.

The installation of this component is mandatory:

  • if you use Identity Director in the user workspace of Ivanti Workspace Control.
  • if you want to allow users to reset their password from the Windows logon screen.

If you want to use the Windows Client, your environment must contain at least one Mobile Gateway.

The language in which the Windows Client starts up depends on the user's regional settings of the operating system. The default language (US English) is used if no match is found. See the Identity Director Help for an overview of all supported languages.


  1. Run the Identity Director Installer on the target device.
  2. When prompted, choose Select and install components and click Next.
  3. In the Features section, select Windows Client. Optionally, you can install other components. These will be installed after you install the Windows Client.
  4. Start the installation and follow the Setup Wizard.
  5. Repeat this process on the devices of all users that need to use the Windows Client.


The Windows Client connects to the Mobile Gateway.

You can configure the URL for the Gateway using one of the following methods:

  • Manually in the settings menu.
  • During an unattended installation, using the public property MOBILEGATEWAYHOST.
  • By setting the registry value MobileServiceHost (REG_SZ) at HKLM\Software\RES\ITStore\Client.
  • After installation of the Windows Client, using the following command line:
    resocw.exe /config /silent /serviceHost=
    This commandline can also be used to change existing cofiguration.

With each of these methods, use the Mobile Gateway URL as the value.