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Scenario 3: Integrate with Ivanti Workspace Control

This topic describes how to configure Identity Director Integration in Ivanti Workspace Control or higher. For older versions of Workspace Control, please refer to this topic in the Identity Director 2019 Help.

If you integrate Identity Director in Ivanti Workspace Control, you can use services as access principle for applications and settings. These applications and settings will then only be available in the user workspace if the user subscribes to these services. In this scenario, you will configure a Service Publication and use the service Adobe Illustrator as an access principle for an application. This requires a functional Ivanti Workspace Control environment.

Step 3: Start creating content:

  1. Click Composition > Applications.
  2. Open the properties of an application (for example, Calculator).
  3. Click Access Control > Identity.
  4. In the Type field, select Identity Director Service.
  5. In the Available Services area, select the service Adobe Illustrator and add it to the Selected Services area.
  6. Click OK.
  7. By setting the access principle Send message for the application Calculator, only users who subscribe to the service Adobe Illustrator get access to the application. You can test this by delivering the service with the Web Portal to Amanda Cavendish, and then logging in to your Workspace Control environment as this user. If you log in as John Smith, the application Calculator should not be available.

For detailed information about configuring integration with Ivanti Workspace Control, see the Identity Director Integration Guide.