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Configure protocol encryption

For Datastores based on Microsoft SQL Server, you can optionally use protocol encryption to secure communication between the Datastore and the components that connect to it. This encryption uses SSL.


  • Microsoft SQL Native Client on the devices running the Setup and Sync Tool and the Management Portal.


  • When you create a new Datastore, select the appropriate Protocol Encryption in the Datastore Wizard.
  • When you connect to an existing Datastores, select the appropriate Protocol Encryption at Setup > Datastore. The options are:

    Enabled with certificate validation – the preferred, default option, in which protocol encryption is used and the server’s certificate is validated; if the server does not present a valid certificate, the connection fails.

    Enabled without certificate validation – uses protocol encryption, but the connection succeeds even if the server does not present a valid certificate.

    Disabled – protocol encryption is disabled.

You need to enable protocol encryption for any individual Setup and Sync Tool and Management Portal that connects to the Datastore.

The SSL parameters that the Microsoft SQL Server database uses to encrypt communication depend on the security certificate used by this database.