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Manage people

In the Management Portal at People, manage the people in your environment. People are all persons who can be identified in your environment and who may be involved in a transaction.

  • Use the Person page to configure the settings of a person.
  • Select one or more people, and select the appropriate action from the People or Services menu at the bottom of the page.
    • You can change the status of the selected people, or delete them.
    • You can Request, Return, Assign and Unassign services for the selected people.
    Not all options may be available in all People views (Active, Inactive, Marked for deletion, Ready for deletion and All)
  • Select all selects all currently loaded people of the current view.
    If your Active People view contains 1138 people:
    • When you open the view, Identity Director loads the first 60 people. This is indicated by the text '60 of 1138 People' in the top-right corner.
      At this point, Select all will select 60 people.
    • When you scroll down to the end of those first 60 people, Identity Director loads the next 60 people. The text in the top-right corner changes to '120 of 1138 People'.
      At this point, Select all will select 120 people.
    • Etc.
  • To select all people in the current view (1138 people, in the example above), use Preload all, followed by Select all.
    Preload all becomes available if there are more than 60 people in a view.

    The Preload all button is not displayed if the current view contains more than 8000 people.

  • You can manually Add people from any of the People views, or by synchronizing external data using a Data Connection.
  • You can search for people by their Name or by their Identifiers.
    If you search for 'e', this will return people with:
    • an 'e' in their name (e.g. Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect)
    • an 'e' in a people identifier (e.g.
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