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Configure Person List service attributes

This feature is available starting with Identity Director 2022.3.

In the Management Portal at Entitlement Catalog, on the Attributes tab of the service page, configure Person List attributes to store a list of values. The values of this attribute are provided dynamically, through smart rules. This allows actors in a service transaction to select a value from the list when requested.



Explanation and Tips


Specify a name of the Person List service attribute.

Description Specify a description of the Person List service attribute.
Attribute value visibility

Enable the Restricted information check box if you want to mask the attribute value in the Management Portal.

This ensures you can be compliant with the privacy laws of your country or organization, as unauthorized administrators do not have access to private information. This functionality applies to the Management Portal and the Web Portal.

Smart rule

Select a smart rule from the drop down list, which populates the Person List service attribute with values that match its criteria.

You can force mandatory input by enabling Attribute may not be empty after workflow input from actor.

You can use the service attribute in multiple pages of a Provide Information workflow action by enabling Attribute can be used in multiple pages on Provide Information.

This service attribute is not supported by the Set Service Attribute workflow action.

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