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Configure service versioning

In the Management Portal at Setup > Service Versioning, configure a change history for your services. With Service Versioning, you can gain more transparency on service changes: you can track a history of changes for each service, organize these revisions in a logical way, and gain detailed information on what changes were made, by whom, when and why. For example, this is very beneficial in organizations with multiple administrators, where a team of people may change the same services.

In addition, service versioning allows you to roll back services to previous versions. This improves service management in general and makes it easier to revert service changes that led to unexpected or undesired results. Before you roll back a service to a previous version, you can compare service configurations. This allows you to validate if the version that you want to roll back to is the correct one. If necessary, you can then make any changes to the service configuration of the previous version, and save the changes to make the rollback effective. You can view service versions and roll back to previous versions from the Versions tab of the service page.



Explanation and Tips

Enable service versioning

In the Management Portal at Setup > Service Versioning, enable versioning for all services in your environment.

  • The service page shows the current version number of the service. If you make any changes to the service, this number is automatically incremented.
  • The service page shows the Versions tab, which appears once you create a new version of your service for the first time.
    This tab gives an overview of all previous versions of the service. Each previous version contains a rollback button Rollback. Click the button to compare the configuration of this version with the current version of the service before you decide whether to roll back to this version.

Version comment

In the Management Portal at Setup > Service Versioning, you can configure the Version Comment option, by selecting Disabled, Optional, or Mandatory from the drop-down list.

  • This option helps you keep track of what was changed to a service and why, and to meet the compliance rules of your organization.

  • In the Versions tab of your service, you can click on a version to review the comment and the service history.
    Version comments can be edited once you have saved them, by clicking the edit button in the Comments section. This option is available starting with Identity Director 2021.2.

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