Install the Transaction Engine

You can install a Transaction Engine on any device in your network. We recommend to install it in a secure environment.


  1. Add the account of the target device to the Active Directory security group that has db_owner rights to the Datastore. After installation, you can remove this account again from the security group.
  2. Run the Identity Director Installer.
  3. When prompted, choose Select and install components and click Next.
  4. In the Features section, select Transaction Engine. Optionally, you can install other components. Their installation starts after you installed the Transaction Engine.
  5. Start the installation and follow the Setup Wizard.
  6. Provide the required information as shown in the image below.
    Window containing the setup information for the Identity Director Transaction Engine
  7. Before finishing the setup process, use the Test button to ensure that connection to the Datastore can be properly established.

Make sure that you use the same encryption key for the Transaction Engine and the Management Portal components of Identity Director.
When you first generate the encryption key, make sure you store it in a easily-accessible location for future use.
To see if an encryption key has already been configured, look in your web.config file, in the section webConsoleConfiguration > managementService > database > encryptionKey.