Identity Director 2022.1

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After signing out of the Identity DirectorWeb Portal, using the Back button in Apple Safari results in services being redisplayed.

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The Identity Director client does not remember credentials, even when the Remember me option is enabled.
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Identity Director Administrative Roles with Read-Only permissions on the People node allow Request/Assign/Return/Unassign of Services.
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In a Send Message workflow action, attempting to modify the message breaks the text formatting.
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Intermittently, Smart Rules cannot retrieve people from organizations and the message No people match the rule is displayed in the Diagnostics tab.
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The Provide information workflow action does not show all the information when a table add or edit operation is performed.
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When disabled, the option to Wait for Runbook to finish on an Invoke Runbook workflow action prevents the workflow from moving forward after invoking the runbook.
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