Upgrade procedure

To upgrade, run the Ivanti Identity Director Installer on the target device and select the component that you want to upgrade. The installation wizard of the component guides you through the upgrade process. You don't need to uninstall previous installations first.

If you are upgrading from Identity Director version 10, 2018 or 2019, please review the following topic before continuing: Upgrading from Identity Director 10, 2018 or 2019

The upgrade procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Stop all Transaction Engines
  2. Upgrade all Setup and Sync Tools
  3. Upgrade all other components:
  4. Upgrade the Mobile Client (optional). See the Identity Director Help for a user manual of the Mobile Client.
  5. Upgrade Identity Broker

Unattended upgrades

You can also upgrade the components of Identity Director unattended, for example in a command line or as part of an Ivanti Automation Task Perform Unattended Installation. Please note that the unattended upgrade takes the existing Datastore connection settings into account. If you specify different Datastore connection settings in the command line, these will be ignored. If you want to specify different Datastore settings, you must do this manually after you finished upgrading all components, by navigating to the appropriate user interface of each component.

Please note, that as of Identity Director 2020.1, scripts for unattended installation of the Web Portal must include a correct value for the property SELECT_CERTIFICATE.
See the Identity Director Help for more information, including an overview of all parameters and how to change the Datastore connection using the command line.