Building Blocks

With Building Blocks, you can store all settings related to services, organizational context, data connections, data sources and branding as external .XML files. Because you can import these settings again in an Identity Director environment at a later stage, this allows you to back up these objects and to transport them from one environment to another.

  • With Building Blocks, you no longer spend valuable time on reconfiguring an environment manually. This makes Building Blocks very useful as a change configuration and change management solution in e.g. DTAP processes, but also as a backup solution to facilitate disaster recovery.
  • Building Blocks can serve as templates based on best practices. This is very useful for system integrators who configure new environments at customer sites. This saves configuration time and allows you to adopt and take advantage of already existing configurations.

You can create and import Building Blocks from the navigation bar of the Management Portal.

  • In certain browser versions (e.g. Safari and Opera), the created Building Block is available in the Downloads section of the browser.
  • The Building Block functionality is only available if your login account has been assigned the administrative role Full Access. Other administrative roles, including ones that grant Modify access to all functionality, do not grant access to the Building Block functionality.