Combine data from similar Active Directory groups in different OUs

You can synchronize Active Directory groups with the same name that are located in different OUs, and have different pre-Windows 2000 names.


  1. In the Setup and Sync Tool at Data Model > Data Sources, configure an Active Directory Groups data source.
    • On the Columns tab, the Active Directory property Canonical name is available by default. If necessary, also add the property pre-Windows 2000 name.
  2. In the Management Portal at Data Model > Data Connections, configure an organization data connection.
  3. On the Properties tab, select the Active Directory Groups data source in the Data Source field.
  4. On the Mappings tab:
    1. Set the field Look up on to either Name or Path + Name:
      • Name: map the Name property to Name. If this does not work, try the Active Directory property pre-Windows 2000 name in the data source.
      • Path + Name: map the Path + Name property to Canonical name.
    2. Map the Key property:
      • Active Directory Groups Data Source: map the Key property to Group GUID to set classifications based on Group.
      • Active Directory OU Data Source: map the Key property to OU GUID to set classifications based on OU membership.
  5. Configure the remaining fields as usual.
  6. Synchronize the data connection.