Configure workflow exceptions

For certain actions you can configure exceptions. Exceptions allow you to direct the flow of actions and configure alternative workflows if a specific event in the workflow happens. For example, this can happen if a user cancels a action, if a specific action fails or if it contains a condition.


  • Exceptions may consist of multiple levels and actions.
  • End exception workflows with an End Workflow action. This allows you to specify if it leads to a successful service delivery. If an exception workflow doesn't end with an End Workflow action, the workflow continues on the level above.


Service with exceptions

In the example above, the first action of the service is an Approve Transaction action. This action needs to be approved by the manager of the subscriber to the service.

  • If the manager approves, the next step is the Perform Tasks action, which needs to be completed by Corporate IT. After this, a message is sent to the subscriber that the service has been delivered. The workflow ends with the status Completed.
  • If the manager rejects, the Rejection workflow is followed: a message is sent to the subscriber that permission has been denied, after which the workflow ends with the status Failed.
  • If the manager doesn't respond to the action within the specified time or if the manager cancels the action, the Exception workflow is followed, after which it ends with the status Failed.