Configure data connections

In the Management Portal at Data Model > Data Connections, use data connections to synchronize specific data from an external source with your environment.
Before you can synchronize data, you need to configure Data Sources in the Setup and Sync Tool. A Data Source defines the external source of the data that you want to synchronize. This can be Microsoft Active Directory, a CSV file or a database. A data connection uses this Data Source to synchronize the external data with your environment. For example, if the external source is a CSV file that contains data about employees, you can configure a data connection to synchronize the employee ID and full name of each employee only.
Data connections can also be configured in the Setup and Sync Tool.

  • Because the Management Portal is web based, you cannot use local paths of files in Data Sources (e.g. C:\...) . Instead, specify the host name of the specific server that stores the file (e.g: \\VM-WIN2012\Datasource\HRfile.csv) and the credentials to access this location.
  • You can configure data connections for:
  • If you edit and existing data connection and then synchronize it again, any previous data that you synchronized with the data connection is deleted. For example, if the original data connection synchronized organizational context related to Department, and you change the data connection so it now synchronizes organizational context related to Location, the organizational context related to Department is deleted.
  • If you delete a data connection, you have the option to also delete all related objects. For example, if you delete a people data connection and choose to delete all related objects, ALL people related to the data connection are marked for deletion. If you choose to keep these objects, only their relation is removed.
  • The following restrictions apply concerning administrative roles:
    • To preview data in the Data Source, you need Modify permissions to the data connection and Read or Modify permissions to the Data Source.
    • To synchronize a data connection, you need Modify permissions to the data connection and Read or Modify permissions to the Data Source.
  • Multiple data connections are synchronized in this order:
    1. Organization and People data connections
    2. Classifications, Organizational Attributes, People Attributes and Global Table Attributes data connections
  • To generate a command line that you can use to synchronize data connections, select the relevant data connection(s) in the Setup and Sync Tool, right-click this selection and select Generate command line. This copies the command line to your clipboard, after which you can use it in, for example an Ivanti Automation Job.
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