Function: @[DATETIMEADD]

In the Management Portal at Entitlement Catalog, when you configure a workflow action for a service, you can optionally replace the values in various fields with functions. With the function @[DATETIMEADD(<startdate(time)>,<value>,<unit>,<inputformat>,<outputformat>)] you can add a configurable interval to a start date(time) at any point in the workflow.

The function @[DATETIMEADD(<startdate(time)>,<value>,<unit>,<inputformat>,<outputformat>)] resolves into a date and/or time in the specified format. You can use Y, M, D, H, N and S for year, month, day, hour, minutes and seconds.
When you add a negative value, the output lies before the startdate(time).


  • @[DATETIMEADD(20-08-2019,1,Y,DD-MM-YYYY,DD-MM-YYYY)] returns "20-08-2020"
  • @[DATETIMEADD(19991002 12:34:56,213,M,YYYYMMDD HH:NN:SS,MMM YYYY)] returns "Jul 2017"
  • @[DATETIMEADD(08-24-2001,4610,D,MMDDYYYY,MMMM DD YYYY)] returns "April 8 2014"
  • @[DATETIMEADD(@[DATETIME(DD-MM-YYYY HH:NN:SS)],42,H,DD-MM-YYYY HH:NN:SS,DD-MM-YYYY HH:NN:SS)] returns the datetime 42 hours from the moment the function is executed.