Configure password global attributes

In the Management Portal at Data Model > Global Attributes, configure Global Attributes. Configure password global attributes to store a password.



Explanation and Tips


Specify a name that is unique for types of attributes.

Password and Confirm Password

Specify a password.

  • Passwords are seen as restricted information by default and are always masked with the icon Evil eye, irrespective of the permissions of your administrative role. At Transactions, restricted attributes are shown as [attributename]. Although you cannot see the attribute value, this still allows you to verify if the context or definition of the attribute is correct.
  • The value is limited to 2000 characters. Because password attributes are encrypted, the clear-text value of a password can have a maximum of 743 characters in order for its encrypted form to fit the 2000 character limit.
  • When you duplicate password attributes, its password is not duplicated.


When you insert a password global attribute as a placeholder in workflow actions, use the following options to retrieve its value:




Use the encrypted value of the password. In the Management Portal and Web Portal, the password is masked and shown as [attributename]. For example, you can use this placeholder in an Invoke Run Book action to provide the encrypted password to Ivanti Automation Run Books.


Resolve the description of the password, e.g. "This is the domain password".


Resolve the value of the password in clear text, e.g. "1234DomainPassword".