Log in to the Mobile Client

With the Mobile Clients, mobile employees can view, request and manage corporate applications and services from iOS and Android mobile devices. Managers can easily use the app to approve requests for services and order relevant services on behalf of employees.

Log in

  1. Start the Ivanti Identity Director app. This opens the login page.
  2. In the User Account field, specify your Identity Director account (domain\user account).
    • You can also log in with your User Principal Name (UPN). A UPN is the name of a user in an e-mail address-like format. When you sign in, the UPN is matched to a user account in Microsoft Active Directory and the identifier of a specific person in Identity Director. This requires that you configured Mobile Gateway auto-discovery in the Management Portal.
  3. In the Password field, specify your password.
  4. In the Server:Port field, specify the URL and optionally the port to the Web Portal (e.g. https://ivantiproducts.ivanti.com/mobile:8080).
  5. Optionally, select Use SSL if the communication in your environment is secured through SSL.
  6. Optionally, select Remember me to save the credentials. If you select the option, the next time you access the app, you are logged in automatically.
    • The availability of this option depends on the security settings of the Mobile Client in the Management Portal.
  7. Tap Login.
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