Manage services

At Entitlement Catalog, you can manage your services. A service fulfills a user need, for example access to an application, printer, or e-mail, the availability of a laptop, mobile phone, or lease car. But it can also facilitate changes to a computing environment as the result of employee onboarding, offboarding, promotion, and so on.


You can organize services by grouping them in categories, displayed as folders in the Web Portal.
Toggle between the list view and the category view using the Category-view button / List-view button buttons, located at the top-right of the Entitlement Catalog screen.

By adding an image to your categories, users can find the category faster. Supported file types are:

  • Images (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG)
  • Icon files (ICO)

After uploading, images can be cropped to the desired size.

Featured services

You can choose to highlight selected services to your users by selecting the Show as featured service check box on the Properties tab for those services. These services then appear on a separate Featured Services widget on the dashboard in the Web Portal for users who are qualified for that service.

Selecting the Show only featured check box at the top of the Entitlement Catalog page in Management Portal enables you to show only these featured services.