Access the menu of the Mobile Client

With the Mobile Clients, mobile employees can view, request and manage corporate applications and services from iOS and Android mobile devices. Managers can easily use the app to approve requests for services and order relevant services on behalf of employees.

Tap the menu icon to access the menu.

Menu item

Explanation and Tips


View your account details and your organizational context.

  • The account details also contain delegation settings if your administrator enabled this functionality. Delegation allows you to delegate tasks that require user input to someone else. This is useful if you are unable to take action, for example when you are absent from work or otherwise unavailable. You can delegate tasks to specific persons and during a specific time-frame.


Request or return services to which you qualify.

  • You can also view to which services you currently subscribe and which ones are being delivered or returned.
  • By default, the Ivanti Identity Director app opens at this section.

Delegated administration

Request and remove services for other users.

  • This item is only available if you have access to a delegated administration panel.


View your messages.


View all service requests.


View or change the settings of the Ivanti Identity Director app.


Log out.

  • When you log out, your login credentials are no longer stored. When you just close the app, your login credentials remain stored, and you log in automatically the next time you open the app.
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