Configure list people attributes

In the Management Portal at Data Model > People Attributes, configure People Attributes. Configure list attributes to store a set of values.


Field Explanation and Tips
Name Specify a name that is unique for all attribute types.


Specify a description for the people attribute that will make its purpose clearer to you. Usually a business logic reason.

Restricted information Mask the attribute value in the Management Portal. This ensures you can be compliant with the privacy laws of your country or organization, as unauthorized administrators do not have access to private information like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc. This functionality applies to the Management Portal and the Web Portal.
  • Authorized administrators see the icon Eye-outline-vector-256-256 for restricted attributes and their placeholders anywhere in the Management Portal. They can click this icon to view their value. These values are hidden again when the page is refreshed. This prevents situations in which unauthorized administrators can view restricted information by shoulder surfing authorized administrators. Where appropriate, a button is available to view ALL restricted attributes at once.
  • Unauthorized administrators see the icon Evil eye for restricted attributes and their placeholders. At Transactions, restricted attributes are shown as [attributename]. Although unauthorized administrators cannot see the attribute value, this still allows them to verify if the context or definition of the attribute is correct.
  • You can set administrative permissions on this functionality.

Visible in Web Portal

Select this option to make your attribute visible in the person details view for Delegated Administration panels. This ensures that delegated users have an easier time identifying people that share similar characteristics, like identical first and last names.

If the attribute is marked as containing restricted information, the content will be hidden in the Management Portal and the Web Portal

Service Delivery Triggers

For the 2021.1 version, the option to add services as triggers in the list attribute definition is no longer available. After switching to the 2021.1 version, any services added to list attributes will be disregarded, in order to free the Transaction Engine from unnecessary workloads.

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