Configure password people attributes

In the Management Portal at Data Model > People Attributes, configure People Attributes. Configure password attributes to store a password value.


Field Explanation and Tips
Name Specify a name that is unique for all attribute types.
  • Passwords are seen as restricted information by default and are always masked with the icon Evil eye, irrespective of the permissions of your administrative role. At Transactions, they are shown as [attributename]. Although you cannot see the attribute value, this still allows you to verify if the context or definition of the attribute is correct.


Specify a description for the people attribute that will make its purpose clearer to you. Usually a business logic reason.

Visible in Web Portal

Select this option to make your attribute visible in the person details view for Delegated Administration panels. This ensures that delegated users have an easier time identifying people that share similar characteristics, like identical first and last names.

If the attribute is marked as containing restricted information, the content will be hidden in the Management Portal and the Web Portal