People statuses

People are all persons who can be identified in your environment and who may be involved in a transaction.

A person can have any of the following statuses:

Status Explanation
Active Active people claim a license, and can sign in to the Web Portal and the Clients.
  • When you add a person by synchronized external data, the person gets the Active status.
Inactive Inactive people do not claim a license, but cannot sign in to the Web Portal or the Clients.
  • Inactive people are not shown in the Delegated Administration panel of the Web Portal.
  • You can unassign services from inactive people, but not assign, request or cancel them.
Marked for deletion When you mark someone for deletion, Identity Director returns all services to which he subscribes. This may take some time:
  • The Transaction Engine checks every 5 minutes if people are marked for deletion. As a result, it may take some time before Identity Director starts to return services. It then depends on the number and complexity of services to which someone subscribes how long it takes before all service are returned.
Ready for deletion When someone is ready for deletion, he no longer subscribes to any service.
  • People with this status no longer claim a license and can no longer sign in to the Web Portal and the Clients.
  • A person with the status Marked for deletion or Ready for deletion can be Active or Inactive, depending on the settings of this person.
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