Publish Run Books as an Identity Director service

After you have configured a Service Template, Service Publication and Automation integration in Identity Director, and Identity Director Integration in Automation, you can publish Run Books in Identity Director. This creates a new service that, when requested in Identity Director, invokes the Run Book.

You can only publish Run Books to Identity Director if you have configured and enabled Identity Director Integration AND your administrative role has Modify access to the Run Books node in the Automation Console.

To publish Run Books:

  1. In the Automation Console at Library > Run Books, right-click a Run Book and click Publish in Ivanti Identity Director. This opens the Ivanti Identity Director Service Wizard.
  2. Follow the steps of the wizard.
    • Service Properties step:
      • Select the template on which the new service will be based. You can configure new service templates in Identity Director.
      • Specify the name of the new service. The name must be unique in the Identity Director environment.
    • Service Category step:
      • Select the category in the Identity Director Entitlement Catalog in which the new service will be placed.
    • Service Qualification step:
      • Select the qualification criteria of the new service:
        • Use from template: The qualification criteria of the service template will be applied to the new service.
        • Everyone qualifies: Every person in the Identity Director environment will qualify for the new service.
        • Base on organizational context: Select an organizational context item as qualification criterion. People must be classified in this item to qualify for the service.
    • Summary step:
      • Review all configured settings for the new service.
      • When you click Publish, all settings will be validated and a new service will be created.

Upon completion of the Ivanti Identity Director Wizard, you can choose to launch the Identity Director Management Portal. This option is only available if you installed the Identity Director Management Portal on the same device as the Automation Console.

When the new service is created in Identity Director:

  • Its delivery workflow contains as first action a Provide Information action, if any Run Book parameter asks for input. As last action, it contains an Invoke Run Book action with the selected Run Book.
  • Service attributes will be automatically created and linked to the Run Book parameters (if any).
  • An exception handler will be added with an End Workflow action "Failed to deliver".
  • The service will be disabled by default, which allows you to fine-tune it before you make it available in the Identity Director environment.