Example placeholders in values and descriptions of checklist service attributes

In the Management Portal at Entitlement Catalog, when you configure checklist service attributes, you can use placeholders to specify labels and values. This allows you to configure services that dynamically resolve the labels and values of checklist service attributes. For example, you can use a person attribute as a label in a checklist service attribute. During the service transaction, this person attribute then resolves dynamically depending on the person that requests or subscribes to the service. This allows you to use personalized options in the checklist.


Consider the following scenario:

  1. At Data Model > People Attributes, you have configured the people attributes "E-mail address" and "Phone number".
  2. At Entitlement Catalog, you configure a service with a list service attribute.
  3. You configure the service attribute with the following labels:
    • #Requester[e-mailaddress.value]
    • #Requester[phonenumber.value]

In this scenario, when someone requests the service, his e-mail address and phone number will be resolved as labels of the service attribute.

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