Example: Table service attribute copied from other table attribute

In the Management Portal at Entitlement Catalog, on the Attributes tab of the service page, configure table attributes to store multiple rows of data in a table structure.

If you copy the values of a table service attribute from another one, you can use its columns and row values. A few examples:

Example 1

Linked Tables 1

In this scenario, Service2 has a table service attribute LinkedDevices, which is copied from MyDevices of Service1.

  • Service1 gets delivered first, and in the workflow a row is added to the table MyDevices.
  • After that, Service2 gets delivered and table LinkedDevices copies the state (including SelectedRow) of MyDevices at that point in time. It uses it from that moment on. So in that case the Samsung device is already added.

Example 2


The service layout in this second scenario is the same as the first one, but now Service1 is not delivered. When Service2 gets delivered it gets an empty table LinkedDevices no definitions and no values.

Example 3


In this scenario, a three level copy between tables exists:

  • Service1 gets delivered and the workflow administers the table by adding the Samsung device.
  • After that, Service2 gets delivered and gets the state of the table MyDevices of Service1 at that moment. The workflow of this service manipulates the table by removing the LG device.
  • When Service3 gets delivered (with table linked to Service2), it copies the state of that and use it from that moment on.

In this scenario, if only Service1 gets delivered and after that Service3, Service3 has an empty table ReLinkedDevices because the state of it depends on the delivery of Service2.