Qualification tab of the service page

In the Management Portal at Entitlement Catalog, use the Qualification tab on the service page to configure the qualification criteria of the service.

Changing existing qualifications

When you make changes to the qualification settings of a service, and save the service, the Qualification results page opens. This page shows how many people qualify for the service with the new settings, and how they impact the number of subscribers to the service. This helps you decide whether to actually implement the changes.

If the changes impact a large number of users or in environments with many organizations, the calculation of the qualification results may take some time.
You can therefore also choose to skip the visualization of the end results, by clicking Next during the calculation. This event will be logged in the Audit section of the Diagnostics tab.

 The Qualification results page is not shown when you update a service by importing a Building Block, or when you disabled Enable transactions on the Properties tab of the Service page.


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