Configure the Reporting Datastore connection

In the Management Portal, at Setup > Datastore > Reporting, manage the Datastore connection settings and authentication settings. You can change settings, connect to a different Datastore or create a new one.

The Reporting Datastore stores information related to various changes in your environment.



Explanation and Tips

Database type

Select the database type.

Database server

Specify the IP address, hostname or FQDN of the database server.

Protocol encryption

Enables secure communication between the Datastore and the components that connect to it (Microsoft SQL Server only).
See also: Configure protocol encryption

Database name

Specify the Datastore name.

  • If you change the connection to a different Datastore, you also need to point the Transaction Engine to this Datastore. See Command-line options.
  • You can connect to an empty database (a database without any tables) that you have created directly on a database server, not with Identity Director. This database can then be used as an Identity Director Datastore. This is useful if an administrator is only allowed to manage existing databases, not create new ones.

Use Windows authentication

Use Windows authentication for access to the Datastore (Microsoft SQL Server only).

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