Postpone Transaction

Add the Postpone Transaction action to postpone a transaction until a specific date or for a pre-defined period of time, for example until the first working day of a new employee.

When a service that contains this action is delivered or canceled, you can view at Transactions when the transaction is resumed.



Explanation and Tips

Action Name

Optionally specify a friendly name for the action. This name must be unique in the workflow.


Specify until when the transaction should be postponed.

  • The specified date is used as UTC time. If you are located in a different time zone than your users, you need to calculate the date/time manually to UTC date/time.
  • Select Use service attribute to base the date on a service attribute. This enables users to specify the date. This makes it possible to "schedule" certain workflows in advance. This can for example be useful in workflows with Invoke Run Book actions, in which the date on which these Run Books should be executed should be determined through user input.
  • You can only specify text service attributes.
    • During the service transaction, users can specify the date in the following formats:
      • YYYYMMDD (date)
      • YYYYMMDDHH (date + hours)
      • YYYYMMDDHHmm (date + hours + minutes)
  • If the service attribute cannot be translated to a valid date, the workflow action fails and the transaction continues immediately.

Wait for

Specify how long the transaction should be postponed.

  • Also specify if this applies to the moment when the transaction starts or when the action Postpone Transaction starts. The specified time is converted to the corresponding UTC date/time.
  • You can use placeholders and functions. When you specify service placeholders, you can only use placeholders based on text service attributes.
  • If the service attribute cannot be translated to a valid date, the workflow action fails and the transaction continues immediately.

Allow user to cancel this action

Allow the subscriber to cancel the action from the Status Details window in the Web Portal. Auto provisioning is not affected by this option. The Cancel option is only displayed:

  • if the service was requested by the subscriber;
  • when this action is Pending.
If the user cancels the action, the transaction will follow the exception path that was configured for this action.

Workflow Detail

Specify the level of detail that is shown when people track the service status. Depending on your configuration of this field, the Label field specifies the status information.

  • Select Default to show the behavior configured at Setup > Behavior.
  • Select Status only to show the status of the service.
  • Select Workflow action to show the status of the action.
  • Select Full details to show the status of the action and its actor.
  • Select Use custom label to configure a custom text.