How to Navigate the Agent Client Program

Navigating the program is easy. There are three main components to the program interface.

Button Tray: The button tray located in the lower left corner of the program window contains a number of different buttons. Each button enables you or your end user to perform a specific function. Depending on how you have have configured the program, you may not have access to all the buttons shown here.

If desired you can customize the button tray.

Active Function Pane: When you click a button in the button tray, the options for that function are displayed immediately above in the active function pane. There can be only one function active at a time.

You can collapse the individual lists within the active function pane by clicking on the button () located in the top-right corner of the list.

Right-hand Pane: This large display area is used to display any log files or list items related to the function currently selected.