Overview Pane

The Overview pane is the program's dashboard. Its easy to understand design enables you or your end user to quickly assess the machine's status. In the following example, the most recent patch scan was performed on 2/23/2017. During that scan 7 patches and 1 service pack were detected as missing.

The information presented on the Overview pane is based on the Last Scan date and time.

If data is not available for a function then will be displayed. This indicates that either you did not make the function available to your end users or a scan has not yet been performed for that function.

If the agent has just been installed and has not yet downloaded its policy information, you will see a Agent is provisionally registered message.

This means the agent is in a temporary provisional state. Please wait 20 - 30 minutes and then restart the agent. The agent will be in a fully functional state when the provisional message is gone and the policy name is displayed in the lower left corner of the dialog.