Security Controls

Creating an IAVA Report

With the IAVA Reporter you can create a number of different IAVA reports using existing data in the Security Controls database.   

1.Open the Reports dialog using the Tools > Create report menu.

2.In the Select report to view box, select the IAVA report you want to generate.

The IAVA reports are at the bottom of the Patch Reports section.

Deployment Percentage by Patch (IAVA):Displays the percentage of machines that have each patch installed. The percentage is based on the number of machines that require the patch.

Detailed Summary (IAVA): Shows a summary of the scan, plus it provides a list that shows each machine that was scanned and detailed information about each machine.

Machine Status by Patch Count (IAVA): Displays the number of machines in groups based on the number of missing patches.

Patch Status Detail (IAVA): Provides detailed information about each patch discovered by the scan.

3.Select the specific patches to report on, or select all patches.

4.Select the desired report customization options:

The Latest results only check box enables you to view the current status by limiting the report to the most recent scan results for all machines.

The Advanced options check box will let you filter the results to specific scans, deployments, consoles, or machines.

Sort by IAVA ID: Sorts the report results by IAVA number (lowest to highest)

5.In the Report title box, type a descriptive title.

6.Click Generate report.

The report that is generated can be exported to a variety of different formats by clicking the Export button.


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