Security Controls

InstallState View

The Reporting2.InstallState view defines installation states.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
Id int   The install state id.
Value nvarchar(100)   The string value of the Id
Description nvarchar(256) X Provides a simple description of the value.


You can run the following query to verify the contents of the Reporting.InstallState view.




FROM [SecurityControls].[Reporting2].[InstallState]


ID Value Description
-1 Not Recorded A service pack level detection error has occurred or the product level is an unsupported version.
0 Warning Indicates a problem with the patch and rarely, if ever, occurs. This value can, however, occur in old patch data.
1 Note A note exists for this patch. Please reference the QNumber on vendor web sites for more information.
2 Informational No patches were detected for this product. Either all patches were applied or no patches exist.
3 Installed A patch is installed.
4 Missing Patch A missing patch was detected.
5 Missing Product Level A missing product level was detected.

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