Machine View

The Reporting2.Machine view displays currently known information about a machine that has been assessed.

Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
Id int   The unique identifier.
DnsName nvarchar(255) X The DNS name of this machine.
Domain nvarchar(255) X The domain name of this machine.
Language int X The language used on this machine.
Name nvarchar(255) X The netbios name of this machine.
OperatingSystemFamilyId int   The ID of the operating system family. See [Reporting2].[OperatingSystemFamily].
ArchitectureId int   The ID of the architecture. See [Reporting2].[Architecture].
Distribution nvarchar(100) X The distribution.
LinuxPlatformId int X The Linux platform ID. See [Reporting2].[Product].
ProductId int X The product id. See [Reporting2].[Product].
LastKnownIP nvarchar(45) X The IP address of this machine. This will be displayed in IPV4 or IPV6 format.
LastPatchAssessedOn datetime X The time this machine was last assessed upon. (This is the date the machine was scanned, not the date of the patch scan scheduled).
LastAssessedMachineStateId int X The id of the last assessed machine state. See [Reporting2].[AssessedMachineState].
LastPatchMachineGroupName Nvarchar(255) X The name of the machine group where this machine was defined.
AssignedGroup nvarchar(255)   The name of the group the machine is assigned to within Machine View and Scan View.