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Machine Restart Implementation Notes

There are two methods you can use to restart the connected machines in your organization and leave them in a fully powered on state.

You can use the right-click Power > Restart now shortcut command from within Machine View or Scan View. With this method:

The console machine is not affected

The selected machines will be restarted immediately

No warning will be issued to active users of those machines

You can use a power state template to schedule a reboot. With this method:

The console machine is eligible for a restart

You can schedule the reboot to happen immediately or at some point in the future

A warning will issued to all active users of those machines

The Restart command works with the following target machine states:

Initial Power State of Target Machine

Target Machine Left in Fully Powered On State?

Fully powered on


Sleep state

No action

Hibernate state

No action

Powered off

No action

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