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Viewing Patch Summaries in Machine View

The middle pane displays general patch information about the machine(s) selected on the Windows patch & Application Control or Linux patch tab in the top pane. If multiple machines are selected in the top pane, the middle pane will display patch information for all selected machines. For example, if you select multiple domains in the top pane, summary information about all the machines in all domains will be displayed. The Affected machine count column indicates how many of the selected machines are affected by a specific patch or product level.

A patch that is scheduled for deployment is considered to be still missing. This status will change after the patch is successfully installed.

The values for the Installed patches and Missing patches columns in the top pane may not always match the values shown in the middle pane. This is because the top pane counts every patch on every machine, while the middle pane counts only unique patches and ignores duplicates. You can use the Affected Machines tab in the bottom pane to determine if a particular patch is missing on multiple machines. Also, the middle pane breaks the patches into different categories and does not consider patches that are scheduled for installation or that are pending a reboot to be installed.

You can customize the way information is displayed within this pane. See Customizing the Column Headers for information.

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