About Deployment Templates

When deploying patches to a machine, Security Controls allows you to specify a number of different options such as whether to notify logged on users about a pending deployment, whether the target should be restarted after deployment, whether reports should be sent, and much more.

Security Controls provides four predefined deployment templates:

The Agent Standard deployment template is designed to be used with agents. It will perform a post-patch deployment reboot only when needed.

The Standard deployment template is designed to be used with agentless deployments initiated by the console. It will always perform a post-patch deployment reboot. This is the default template.

The Standard With Patch Clean-Up deployment template builds on the Standard template by removing temporary patch files that were copied to the target machine during the deployment process.

The Virtual Machine Standard deployment template is designed for use with virtual machines. It will take a pre-deployment snapshot of any virtual machine that is hosted on a server, and it will delete old snapshots that are more than four days old.

If you wish to create your own unique deployment template, see Creating a Deployment Template.