Distribution Servers and IP Ranges

Distribution servers are typically used organizations that have many different locations across the country or across the world. They are located at each remote site and can be used to store a number of items, including:

Patches that you wish to deploy

Engines and XML files

Custom patches

Distribution servers provide each of your remote sites a local repository for the files used during the patch management processes. By providing local copies of these files, you greatly reduce your network traffic as well as the time it takes to access the files.

You define which target machines will use a particular distribution server by assigning one or more IP ranges to the distribution server.

Base URLs


Supported Requests

Method URL Input Return







Configuration information for the specified distribution server.



IP ranges[]

https://<consoleFQDN:port>/st/console/api/v1.0/ipranges/{id of IP range}


Configuration information for the specified IP range.

Input Model


Examples with Sample Responses

Other Request Examples

Output Models