Exercise 4 - Monitor Patch Scan Status


Monitor the status of the patch scan you initiated in Exercise 3.


You will need the ID of the patch scan. You can determine the ID by looking in the output from Exercise 3.

Try it yourself

Determine the status of the patch scan by submitting a GET request similar to the following:

Change the patch scan ID value as needed.

Postman example


PowerShell script example

            $patchStatusUrl = "https://localhost:3121/st/console/api/v1.0/operations/8bce9fdd-0cf8-40b0-8ecc-b0914a9c831a"
            Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Credential $credential -Uri $patchStatusUrl | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 99


The result is a JSON-formatted response similar to the following:

            "created": "2018-07-23T15:01:04.527Z",
            "lastAction": "2018-07-23T15:01:04.647Z",
            "operation": "PatchScan",
            "percentComplete": 100,
            "resourceLocation": "https://device-name.fakedomain.com:3121/st/console/api/v1.0/patch/scans/8bce9fdd-0cf8-40b0-8ecc-b0914a9c831a",
            "status": "Succeeded"