Security Controls REST API


Introduction to the Sample Exercises

Let's dive into the REST API and see how you can use it to manage machine groups and perform patch scan and patch deployments. Specifically, these exercises will show you how to:

1.Create a credential.

2.Create a machine group that uses the new credential to access the machines in the group.

3.Perform a patch scan of the machine group.

4.Monitor the status of the patch scan.

5.Review the results of the patch scan.

6.Deploy all missing patches.

To start these exercises, you must:

Meet all system requirements

Configure your environment to use the REST API

Have a Web browser, an API tool or a PowerShell script command window to use for submitting the REST API requests

The root URL for all REST API calls is:


In these sample exercises, for <consoleFQDN:port> we will use localhost:3121.


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