Evaluation Checklist

This checklist shows the many features that are available with Security Controls. Feel free to use this checklist to compare Security Controls with products from other vendors.

Item Ivanti Security Controls Competitor A Competitor B
Installation and Licensing
  • Prerequisites automatically installed if missing
  • Installed and running in 30 minutes or less
  • Licenses available for a variety of feature sets
Ease of Administration
  • Simple to use: Can use with no training
  • Intuitive, easy-to- understand interface
  • Perform patch and asset scans within minutes of product installation
  • View patch status immediately after completion of scan
  • Easy-to-perform patch remediation
  • Initiate scans automatically or on-demand
  • Automated remediation
  • Scalable – can be used with small or large number of machines
Useability in Small, Medium and Large Organizations
  • Works with multiple operating system vendors (Microsoft, Red Hat and CentOS)
  • Works with multiple Microsoft operating systems
  • Works with multiple software products
  • Works with multiple product vendors (Microsoft and non-Microsoft)
  • Works with multiple machine types (servers, workstations, tablets, ATMs, etc.)
  • Works well with multiple networks
  • Flexible – able to grow with the organization
  • Can perform tasks agentlessly from a central console
  • Can perform tasks using agents installed on target machines
Patch Scanning Criteria, Accuracy and Security
  • Supports all current Microsoft operating systems
  • Supports all current Red Hat and CentOS operating systems
  • Supports all popular Microsoft applications
  • Supports large number of non-Microsoft applications
  • Can scan for both security and non-security patches
  • Can scan Microsoft’s security tools
  • Scans for both patches and service packs
  • Real-time patch validation (via XML file)
  • Patch supersedence (superseded patches are not presented)
  • Detailed patch analysis and validation via file version + registry keys
  • Digitally signed files for security during the patch process
  • Provides detailed information about each detected patch
  • Supports the use of custom patches
  • Supports patches for a variety of languages
  • Can group patches by criticality, then scan for & deploy by group
Control Over How Target Machines are Patched
  • Ability to identify missing patches
  • Ability to fix incorrectly patched machines
  • Can deploy individual patches or multiple patches
  • Can deploy based on user-defined criticality
  • Automatically deploy missing patches after a scan
  • Scheduled patch deployment options
  • Patch rollback
Virtual Machine Support (Online and Offline VMs)
  • Discover, inventory, and patch online virtual machines hosted on workstations
  • Discover, inventory, and patch offline virtual machines hosted on workstations
  • Discover, inventory, and patch online virtual machines hosted on ESX server
  • Discover, inventory, and patch offline virtual machines hosted on ESX server
  • Manage and track vCenter Servers and ESXi hypervisors
  • Scan and deploy patches to managed and unmanaged ESXi hypervisors
Application Control
  • Executable control
  • Privilege management
  • Browser control
Asset Management
  • Discover and catalog software assets
  • Discover and catalog hardware assets
  • Discover and catalog virtual assets
  • All virtual machine information available in one location
  • Ability to initiate asset scans automatically or on-demand
  • Can schedule agentless or agent-based asset scans
Power Management
  • Ability to shut down machines
  • Ability to restart machines
  • Ability to put machines into sleep state
  • Ability to put machines into hibernate state
  • Ability to send Wake-on-LAN (WoL) request
  • Ability to initiate power tasks automatically or on-demand
  • Can schedule agentless or agent-based power management tasks
PowerShell Scripts
  • Access to free scripts and all pre-defined scripts provided by Ivanti
  • Execute scripts against target machines
  • Execute scripts from the console
  • Create PowerShell templates
  • Import custom scripts
  • Share your custom scripts with the ITScripts community
  • Execute scripts immediately
  • Schedule script execution to run at some time in the future
  • Easy to generate
  • Large number of reports available
  • Large scope of reports, from enterprise view to machine-level detail
  • Indicates degree of compliance with patch policies
  • Export results to other formats
  • Ability to filter results
  • Find the exact information you want using advanced filtering
  • Send reports automatically via e-mail
Application Program Interface (API)
  • Support for both REST API and PowerShell API
  • Interact with different systems in your environment
  • Script a sequence of complex events that contain dependencies
  • Perform bulk operations or process list inputs from other systems
  • Programmatically stage patch deployments or initiate patch downloads
Product Documentation and Support
  • Robust, online Help system
  • Product documentation available online
  • Video tutorials
  • Available e-mail support
  • Online support forum
  • RSS feeds that provide security-related news & important messages