Generating Reports

Once you’ve completed a patch management, asset management or power management task, you can generate any of a number of customizable reports to provide analysis of the state of your desktop and network security. Reports can be customized by scan date, machine group, or risk level. Once a report is generated, you can view, print, or save the report. You can also export the report to different formats or e-mail it to designated recipients. Security Controls reports are robust, gathering all information stored in the console, not just the information generated in the most recent scan/patch implementation. This function allows administrators to track the history of all patch activity on each machine.

Try it yourself

  1. From the program menu select Tools > Create report.
  2. In the Select the report list select the report you want to generate (for example, Executive Summary).
  3. Near the bottom of the Reports dialog click Generate report.

Do you want more detailed information? See the Reports Dialog topic in the Security Controls Help.