Installing Agents

Security Controls provides a number of different methods for installing agents on your target machines. To simplify things, the same installer is used in all methods.

Push install from the console

Using Ivanti’s agentless technology, you can push an agent install out by simply selecting a machine from the machine group or from Machine View and installing an agent with the policy desired. This is the quickest and easiest way to rollout the agent, but is bound by the same requirements as agentless scans.

For detailed information, see Installing Agents from the Console in the Security Controls Help.

Manual installation

In cases where there are a small number of machines that are not reachable agentlessly, you can consider performing a manual agent installation. The manual process requires you to enter a few variables (console hostname, port, passphrase or credentials, and policy) during the installation of the agent. This can be done quickly and easily for small numbers of machines, but becomes less viable the larger the target base becomes.

For detailed information, see Manually Installing Agents in the Security Controls Help.

Installing agents from the Cloud

If you are using Security Controls Cloud synchronization, you have the ability to install a Ivanti Security Controls Agent from the cloud. This is particularly helpful if you have target machines that are away from the corporate network and unable to contact the console.

For detailed information, see Installing Agents from the Cloud in the Security Controls Help.

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