Power State Templates

You can perform a number of power actions using a power state template. A template gives you greater control over the actions that are performed, and it also enables you to schedule a power task. The best way to learn about a power template is to create one.

Do you want more information about power state templates? See the Creating and Editing a Power State Template topic in the Security Controls Help.

Try it yourself

  1. Select New > Power State Template.
    The Power State Template dialog is displayed.
    Power State Template dialog
  2. In the Name box, type Sample Power Template.
  3. In the Power action box, click the drop-down arrow to view the available power options.
    You can leave the default option or change it if you wish; you won't be actually using this template.
  4. Review the other options available on this dialog.
  5. Click Save.
    The template is now available for use.

To view the template

Click the list selector at the top of the navigation pane and select Asset and Operations Templates. Within the navigation pane, expand the My Power State Templates list.

Asset and Operations Templates

To use the template

You should not actually use the template in a power operation during this evaluation because you are probably not prepared to change the power state of your machines. In a real-life situation, however, you would use the template as follows:

  1. Go to the Agentless Operation dialog by selecting New > Agentless operation.
  2. Select the desired machine group(s).
  3. Select the Power state tab.
  4. Select the power state template.
  5. Specify when you want to run the power operation.
  6. Click Run.