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  • a licensing or compliance audit is a check by a vendor that you have enough licenses to cover your usage
  • a collection of software products covered by a single license that has an executable for the primary product as well as the supporting products; compare with suite
  • a distinct group within your organization; you can use business units to help you to target your investigations
  • Client Access License - a license that gives a user the right to access the services of a server
  • a library of available software titles, maintained by Ivanti, that is used to match against your own software inventory and license data to identify specific software titles
  • see Ivanti Discovery
  • the allowed use of a license for an earlier version of a product
  • see Definitive Software Library
  • the difference between your entitlements (the licenses you have) and your deployments (the software you have installed)
  • Effective License Position
  • the right you have to use a particular piece of software or service, typically in the form of a license
  • the hardware and software items you have in your IT estate
  • an automated, cloud-based asset discovery tool that is supplied with License Optimizer
  • the terms and conditions that apply to your use of a piece of software or a service
  • matching unrecognized phrases in the software titles mentioned in your licenses to a product in the Definitive Software Library
  • see Effective License Position
  • the means by which a license is measured as being used. For example, Per Install or Per User.
  • document issued by Microsoft with a detailed breakdown of your organization's license entitlement for Microsoft software products
  • see Microsoft License Statement
  • some licenses are associated with a named user, rather than an installation
  • an item of hardware that is running an operating system
  • Operating System Instance - an item of hardware that is running an operating system
  • the use of a license that is allowed for a different version or product, for example as part of a bundle, suite, downgrade, or upgrade
  • Processor Value Unit - the method used by IBM to differentiate software licensing on distributed processor technologies
  • matching a software title in your system to a specific entry in the Definitive Software Library
  • the mechanism by which License Optimizer's rules engine intelligently assigns licenses to software to give you the optimal license position
  • Stock Keeping Unit - a unique identifier that vendors may apply to their product licenses
  • a volume licensing program from Microsoft
  • matching unrecognized phrases in your software titles to a product in the Definitive Software Library
  • a collection of software products covered by a single license that has no executable for the primary product, but is just a logical grouping of separate products each with their own executable; compare with bundle
  • matching unrecognized phrases in software titles to records in the Definitive Software Library
  • United Nations Standard Products and Services Code - a universal classification framework for products and services (
  • the allowed use of a license for a later version of a product
  • someone who can log in to License Optimizer (compare with Named User)
  • a provider of software or licenses

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