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This is an old version of the Getting Started help. The latest version has been moved into the main License Optimizer help.

Import named users

So far, we have logged in, created other users to help us complete the work, imported business units, and imported hardware and software records. In addition, because we imported the hardware and software records from Ivanti Discovery Services, the software records that we imported are already associated with the correct hardware record. (If you imported your software from a spreadsheet, you can map a column in your software spreadsheet to the computer name column in the License Optimizer database to associate the software records with the appropriate hardware records.)

Our next step is to import named user records.

Don't confuse the named users we are going to import now with the users that we created earlier. The users we created in User accounts are users of License Optimizer – people who are going to help you with your license management. The users we are going to import now are Named Users of software licenses. Some software licenses entitle you to install an item of software on a specific item of hardware – this is why we have associated our software records with specific hardware records. Other licenses entitle specific named users to use an item of software, which is why we need to import these named users, so that License Optimizer can calculate their license usage.

Much of the procedure for importing named users will be familiar to you if you have worked through the earlier parts of this document, so the procedure below is more brief to highlight the new aspects of data import that we will encounter.

To import named users:

1.On the Data Import page, click the User List tile.
The User List Sources page appears, showing a data grid of existing data sources that you have set up.

2.If there are existing data sources with the Import Type of User List\User List, click in that row and then click Download Template.
A template spreadsheet is downloaded that we will use below.
If there are no existing data sources, you can download a template spreadsheet using the link below:
Download named users template

When filling the spreadsheet with your named users, do not change the column headers. If you leave the column headers as they are in the template spreadsheet, the columns will be matched with columns in the License Optimizer database automatically.

3.Enter your named users into the template spreadsheet.

4.On the User List Sources page, click New User List.
The Data Source page for the New User List appears.

5.Type an Import Name, and in the User List Type drop-down, select User List.
The Select your sources section appears.

6.Select the User List File check box, then click Save.
The data source is saved and the User List File page appears.

7.Select your completed spreadsheet and upload it to the server, then click Next.
The Map User List File page appears.

8.Check that the mappings look OK, then click Next.
The Settings page appears.

9.Complete the Settings page, noting that Merge is the only Import Method available, then click Save & Test Import.
The Test Import page appears.

10.Click Run Test.
The page updates.

11.Use the drop-down list to examine the spreadsheet, import log, and data that will be imported.

12.If the data looks as you expected, import your named users.

You can see the named users that you imported by clicking Named User Management under Configuration in the navigation bar.

What next?

We have software, and we have the hardware it is installed on and the users who user it, so that's one half of the information we need. The other half is the licenses, so let's look at them: Licenses.

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