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About the core scan processor service

All Data Translation Services rules that are set to "active" are executed by the Data Analytics core scan processor service. This service actually does the processing of the scan files, and in order to do that, it moves the scan files to different directories:

  1. The Ivanti inventory service receives the scan file and puts it in the ManagementSuite\ldscan directory with an extension of .MP.
  2. The Data Analytics core scan processor service moves the scan file from that directory to the ManagementSuite\MP_TEMP directory and changes the extension to .SCN.
  3. All active rules are applied to the scan file.
  4. Next, the core scan processor service moves the scan file from the ManagementSuite\MP_TEMP directory back to the ManagementSuite\ldscan directory.
  5. Finally, the Ivanti inventory service processes the scan file into the inventory database.

The core scan processor service processes multiple scan files simultaneously (by default, 10 at a time). You can increase or decrease this number with a registry value. Increasing the value can increase performance if Data Analytics rules spend a lot of time waiting for other resources, such as LDAP queries or other computers.

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