Database Doctor

Database Doctor is a Data Analytics tool for Ivanti® Management Suite that provides database protection, migration, and lifecycle maintenance to ensure the integrity of your inventory data.

You can use Database Doctor to protect the inventory database by removing corrupt or unwanted fields and classes, as well as removing and archiving duplicate records, all on demand or as scheduled. Once duplicates are removed, you can schedule data-integrity configurations to run on a regular basis, assuring on-going protection from data corruption.

Database Doctor also helps with database migration, preserving key inventory data and settings when you upgrade or restore your Ivanti core server. Before a rebuild, protect your inventory data by exporting (as scan files) inventory records, queries, policy details, and other configuration information. After the rebuild, you can import the data back into the database. This export, rebuild, and import technique not only helps with upgrades and disaster recovery but also avoids the instability of an overlay installation. 

Finally, you can use Database Doctor to help with database-lifecycle maintenance. As devices age and require removal from the inventory database, use Database Doctor to archive them to an off-line state by saving device data as scan files in a directory. You'll have a complete record of retired assets that aren't included in Management Suite license calculations.

About the Database Doctor view

When you first open Database Doctor, a pane appears across the bottom of the Management Suite console. This pane consists of a toolbar and a tasks view where you can complete various inventory-protection and clean-up tasks.

Getting started

Read the following sections to learn about tasks you can perform using Database Doctor.

Exporting device data and configurations

At times, you'll need to reset the inventory database. Exporting all scan and configuration information beforehand saves time and preserves your custom data.

Deleting attributes, duplicate and old computers, and users

You can use Database Doctor for the following clean-up tasks.

Archiving device records

Database Doctor provides a convenient way to archive device records—by enabling you to export the data to a scan file and delete it from the inventory database.

Importing exported data back into the inventory database

Most of the tools in Database Doctor enable you to export information, which is particularly useful if you need to reset your database. Database Doctor also provides an easy method for importing that saved information back into the inventory database.

Checking scan files

Database Doctor provides a simple way to analyze error scans that are not allowed into the inventory database. If a problem is recognized, Database Doctor will include a solution or information about whether it is normal.

The scan-file folders are the same as the folders on the core server:

  • Errorscan: Scan files that list random errors.
  • ErrorBigScan: Scan files that were too large for the inventory service to handle.
  • ErrorTrans: Scan files that caused an error during transfer from client to server.