Detecting duplicate inventory records

Discovery Services performs network scans that gather data about SNMP-enabled devices for which Management Suite has no agent, such as printers, switches, and routers. In the scan, the key used to determine uniqueness is the IP address that SNMP responds on.

For most of these devices, even ones with more than one IP address, SNMP usually responds on the administrative address. For other devices with multiple IP addresses, such as some Cisco switches, SNMP responds on multiple addresses. To prevent duplicate records from being created for these devices, Discovery Services uses duplicate-detection rules to check any values returned in the scan against existing records. For Cisco switches, the serial number is checked to see if a switch with that same serial number already exists in the database. If it does, the scan data is then merged into the existing record.

By default, Discovery Services installs with a Cisco Serial Number duplicate-detection rule already configured. To configure other, similar rules, see the following procedure.