Archive asset wizard

Use this wizard to create a rule that automates an archiving process for your Management-Suite-managed devices.

For policy or legal reasons, you may need to remove devices from the inventory database but still keep a backup copy of those records in an archive. Asset Control is a location where you can archive records after removing them from the active management area. When a device record is moved out of inventory and into Asset Control, the device no longer consumes a Management Suite client license.

The only way to move a device record back into inventory after archiving it in Asset Control is to rescan the device with the Management Suite inventory scanner.

You can also use this wizard to create a rule that stores copies of device records in Asset Control that continue to exist in the inventory database. The device records in Asset Control will only be as up-to-date as the last time you ran the rule.

Open the wizard by right-clicking Archive Asset in the DTS tree and selecting New rule. Enter a unique name and description for this rule. On the final page, enter the following information:

Link attributes: Add attributes to this list to link a device to an inventory record in the Asset Control database. Computer.Device ID is the attribute used to determine uniqueness in inventory and is entered by default. Because IDs can change if devices are re-imaged, the Computer.System.Serial Number is also a good link attribute to use. Click the Add button to open the attribute browser and add more link attributes to the list.

Delete from Management Suite: Removes a device record from inventory after archiving it in Asset Control. The device no longer uses a Management Suite client license. To import a deleted device back into inventory, you must rescan the device.

Only copy devices that do not exist in Asset Control: Creates a copy of the actively-managed device record in Asset Control, while maintaining the record in inventory.

Click the Finish button. Your new rule will appear in the Archive Asset > All Rules folder.